Freitag, Oktober 03, 2008

Something different :-)

I made this birthday cake today :0)

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Oh that is so pretty and looks delicious. It is tea-time here now and I would love a piece of your cake with a cup of coffee or tea!


Hahaha, bin schon daaaa! Her mit meinem Stück, Flitzi!! Lecker, lecker!! :o)))

Linda Vincent

Yum...I can smell its gorgeousness from here!!
Linda xx


Das kannst Du also auch noch.
Wow was für eine wunderschöne Torte und ich gehe davon aus, dass sie super lecker ist.

~*~Patty S

Oh yummy and so beautiful too! Did you use fondant to make your birdies? I bet it will be hard to make the first cut into this piece of art! Enjoy!

Evidence of an Artistic Life

This is just too beautiful to eat! Awesome!!!!!!
chris p

Gaby Bee

Mmmmh, der sieht ja echt lecker aus...zum reinbeißen. Ist der etwa für mich...grins...


Wunderschön und er sieht nach viel Marzipan aus ;o) yam, yam ;-)


Yummie!!! looks delicious!
wouldn't mind to taste a piece!!


That looks delicious! A real "sweet" piece of art!!


Yum Yum ! ;o) I bet it was delicious !

I love the little birdies on the outside of the cake !
You are very talented !

JoAnnA Pierotti

darling...looks so good to eat :)

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