Dienstag, Januar 08, 2008

Altered Book Cover

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Oooch,ist das süüüß! Schade, das Weihnachten vorbei ist, lach!! *ggg* :o)




WOW Sanja, I love this, it's perfect and so cute!! :)

~*~ Patty

Wonderful bookcover!!! Simpatico! I like the way you photograph your art, looks great on the music background!


großartig ......... die Farbe und die Idee mit dem Fläschchen finde ich super!


amazing!! the butterfly in the bottle is so unique!! I am really impressed!

Marilyn Rock

Altered book covers are one of my favorite substrates!! How fun! This is gorgeous what you did with yours! Just perfect!

The Artful Eye

Lovely composition and what a wonderful outcome on your charm swap.


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Alexandra Knittel

Wunderschön geworden Sanja. Ich liebe diese Farben.


wie süß ist das denn!!! und natürlich bin ich begeistert von gelb, dadurch wird das blau noch viiiiel besser!!! herrlichst!!

Gillian :O)

Delightful Piece Sanja!
I love the butterfly in the bottle!


Klasse Sanja!

Nancy Maxwell James

this is just precious!


Just gorgeous Love this

audrey h.

Now this makes me smile :o) I am loving the yellow background. Just makes the whole piece come alive. Beautiful!

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